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Sermon for 23 February 2014



My Dear People,

Resentment and hatred and grudges rot the soul. No matter how justified you are by the offence or injustice you have been on the receiving end of - it will never do you any good whatsoever by responding with vengeance - paying back evil for evil.

Moses tells the people of the Old Covenant about being transparent with the one who is causing you hurt. How often do we hear that today eh - transparency is the new virtue. But Moses says be open with your brother. Tell him of his offence- don't go ruminating it in your heart and telling everyone else about it then, Moses says, you will not be "taking a sin upon yourself." This procedure works in reality. I have often found that the person on the opposing side thinks you hate them and want to do them down but when you act in a Christ like manner it rather disarms them.

Now Our Lord takes this to a totally new level. However do not forget the superior morality of the Jews in comparison with the pagan cultures around them. Jesus says you must love your enemies and do good to them just as your Heavenly Father allows the sun and the rain to fall on all - good and evil alike. Now that is a big challenge is it not?

The dramas have been fought by the Martyrs again and again. Saint Maxamilian Kolbe went to his death in Auschwitz praying for the Nazi SS Doctors who gave him the lethal needle. The Japanese Martyrs, the Korean - the Irish and English Martyrs - all went to their final end forgiving the ones who were inflicting such terrible suffering on them.

Loving those who love you in return has no big credit our Lord says. Even the pagans do that do they not? No, Jesus says, you who belong to me have to be different. Our currency is in grace and in eternal things. It ends with the famous phrase from our Lord's sacred lips - "You must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect". In other words do not compare yourself with others in virtue. You will always find someone you can say "I am better than them." That is not the measure. Jesus Christ is the measure and he teaches us a very different way of seeing and acting doesn't He? What a difference it would make if you could live fully in the way of our Lord's Divine Teaching. It is the new Charter for Humanity.

God bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

CANONISATION OF BLESSED JOHN PAUL II AND JOHN XXIII takes place in Rome on Divine Mercy Sunday (the one after Easter) I will be attending. I am travelling with priest friends from the diocese.

CASTLERIGG MANOR LODGE. Owned by the Lancaster Diocese Youth Service and sleeps 10. Parking for 6 cars and walking distance to Keswick and disabled access. To Book Phone 01768 772711 Free home cooked meal on the night of arrival if you have booked for 3 nights. Now is not that nice for our neighbouring diocese to offer this hospitality?? I am sure some family would like to make use of it - especially you outdoor types!!!!

Our Lady's Raby St, Moss Side Day March 1st for Catechists on BAPTISM - THE GATEWAY TO LIFE IN CHRIST. BEGINS AT 10.45 END AT 3. See

BISHOP BRAIN'S Golden Jubilee of Priesthood fell this Saturday 22nd February the feast of the Chair of St Peter. Pray for him.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding 7th A.

Priest: Father, we praise you for your Son, our Lord Jesus CHRIST: Through the Holy Spirit, he offered himself in sacrifice to you, so that we might be delivered from death and self love. Hear our heart felt prayers.

Reader: You made all things and keep all things in being; give us the insight to see your work in the whole of creation. Lord in your mercy.

For all who are without work or find their jobs threatened - that your providential hand may guide them and give them courage in this difficult trial. Lord in your mercy.

Your Son sealed the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount at the cost of his Precious Blood: help us to live by that teaching and honour with our Christian way of living. Lord in your mercy.

Let all exiles and refugees know your care for them - may they find new homes and contribute to the nation of adoption. We pray for the Christian community in places like Iraq and Syria and Egypt who are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ . Lord in your mercy.

Look in love on all those whose way of life have separated themselves from you: reconcile them to yourself and to your church - let them know the forgiveness of the Master in the kindness of a good confession. Lord in your mercy.

The sick share in the suffering of the Lord in his Passion - look upon our sick and those who care for them: Jennifer Kearns, Margaret Martin, Denis McLoughlin, Kirsty Rafferty, Baby Sebastian Thomas, Patrick and Peggy Banahan, BeeAnne O'Grady, David Hopkins. Lord in your mercy.

The dead suffered the pain and loss of human life - give them the fullness of life and joy in heaven: Paul Thomas Inwer-eg-i-bu, Bill Killeen, Ann Connell, Hugh Foran , Edith Murphy, Martin Hopkins (USA) AND For all whose anniversaries fall now: Michael Boyd (VIGIL), Peggy Walsh (11am), Owen Lambe (6.30pm Sunday). May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, thru the mercy of God rest in peace.

O Mary Conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary,full of grace...

Priest: Lord God, in this prayer of faith we offer you all our need. Hear and answer them in your tender mercy. Through Christ our Lord Amen.