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Sermon for 28 September 2014



My Dear People,

We have arrived at the beginning of a new school year and soon we will be beginning the Sacramental Programme so that our young children who are now Seven will be able to make their first Holy Communion next summer in June, 21st 2015. They have almost a year to prepare for this great moment of their young lives.

I often reflect on the state of our nation as you well know. How few children nowadays are even baptised. If so few are baptised we have a state where the majority of folk are on the pilgrimage of life, with the burden of Original Sin still weighing them down. They are not "children of the Light". They do not walk by Christ's light. Now it is not their fault and God has his secret ways of nurturing them and drawing near to them but it is a difficult battle is it not? If a person does not know why they have been given the gift of life and they know not what their destiny is or know anything about Eternal life and Jesus, it is very tough on them.

Our little ones have the honour of being called Christians and the parents have sent them to St Kentigern’s and The Divine Mercy Catholic schools and our school teaches the Faith. So does Loreto Catholic High School in Chorlton. So, even though sadly, many of our parents do not bring their children to Holy Mass at least their children have a chance to develop later on, the seed of Faith sown in their young hearts and souls and they begin to get to know their priests even though it might be only through school rather than Mass on Sundays. One little kid in the Infants said to me in school the other day - "You go to my Church don’t you?"

We are so fortunate in our schools. Our teachers and staff are really teach Religion and the children thrive and they will now know the Catholic Faith as the Church Teaches it which in Catholic schools today cannot be taken for granted. We have adopted a new Catholic Religious Education Programme for Holy Communion and Fr George is leading the First Communion programme for the parish of St Edward at The Divine Mercy and Fr Connolly for St Kentigerns.

If any of you have children at non Catholic school and who will need preparing for First Confession, Confirmation and First Holy Communion please let one of us know.

On a Saturday 4th October at the Vigil Mass the parents of these children will present them at the Mass for inclusion in the Sacramental Programme. They will be gathered around the Altar of God with lighted candles and their parents will promise to support them and we will too, and the children will promise to follow Jesus more lovingly and faithfully.

God's fidelity to us is made clear in the Gospel today. The father of the two sons is God Himself and the obedience of one son and the disobedience of the other son is a parable story of the human reaction to God’s fidelity. God is faithful - are we? That is the question.

Pope Francis recently stated that the world should weep for the atrocities being committed.

One son refused but had a change of heart – one son said YES straightaway but meant NO. How often is that lip service given in order to put off the request? We must be people of God who are always willing to say YES to God when he calls us to do some specific thing for him in the field of the Church. We must be on the side of Christ. As Saint Paul says in the Second Reading: "In your minds you must be the same as Christ Jesus". Now there you have it.

God bless,

Father Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers


Priest: God our father leads us forward with great love towards the joy of the day when we enter into his rest. We turn to Him in our Lord's name.

For the sick who bear the cross of Christ in patient suffering that they will find courage in our Lord's passion: Josie Ryan, Ann Dolan, Philomena McNally, Julie Brady, Peter Ramsbottom, Anthony and Denis McLoughlin. Lord , in your mercy.

Father - we pray for our Pope, and give thanks for his visit to Albania; , guide him and bless him in the great work you have given him to do in your name. Lord in your mercy.

Lord, you found nowhere to lay your head - succour those who are homeless and lack shelter though our almsgiving. Lord in your mercy.

Bless those who work on the land, may we receive the fruits of the earth with thankfulness. Lord in your mercy.

For all our dear students as they return to their studies or begin them afresh, that they may be guarded and guided by the Holy Spirit. Lord in your mercy.

For all who will take part in the Marian Procession next Saturday, that they will truly witness to their faith and find a response in those watching this faith event honouring the Most Holy Mother of God. Bless all who have worked to prepare this witness and gratn us fine weather. Lord in your mercy.

For all the faithful departed that they might pass quickly into the glory of Heaven and the see the face of God: The young man - Macawley Moran, Harold Collins,, David McNulty, Peter Keown, Sean Lyden, Susan Boyle AND For all those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Austin Brady (9AM), Jim Hannah (11am), Ciss Connolly, Seamus McKeown, Bill Everett. May their souls and the souls of all ...

Mary is the mother of all the Loving - we salute her and seek her maternal support - O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of grace....

Priest : Give us perfect peace, Lord so that we may delight in serving you all the days of our life and at last, with our Lady's help, come safely into your presence. Through Christ our Lord. AMEN