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Sermon for 31 August 2014



My Dear People,

What a shock Peter got when, having being pronounced as "the rock" upon which Jesus would build his Church - he is called "Satan" from our Lord's lips. "Get behind me Satan, because the way you think is not Gods way but man's."

Now - what a come down within a few moments. Peter thought he was being kind - he did not want our Lord, his beloved Master to suffer these terrible predictions Jesus had come out with to the Twelve. After all we know that Peter loved Jesus MORE than the others because our Lord elicited this from Peter on the shore of the lake after the Resurrection ("Do you love me more than these others do?") - and so three times Peter said that he did and then was mandated to care for the lambs and the sheep of the Lord's flock - the entire Church.

So often "Man's way" is not God's way. The Police and the city cannot see that the pride "festival" in our city is one which is celebrating a deep, deep rejection of God's plan for us as male and female. The Catholic Church is often alone and the Western world is totally sold on the idea that you can make same sex marriages as you can male and female marriages and all the Banks and Businesses and the Cops all kow-tow to the new thinking that this is perfectly normal and should be actually celebrated by manifestations on the streets. It is not a pretty sight to view. Its manifestation is very much against the 6th and 9th Commandments you know.

The so called "Gay Lobby" seems to be all powerful, enacting laws and getting them passed to their exclusive advantage and totally against straight people. We Catholics now cannot have our children adopted within the community of the Faithful because we will not agree to placing our orphaned and abandoned children with a same sex couple.

Parents bring children to watch the spectacle! So many "issues" are like this and many Catholics think we should adapt to this world but our Lord was having none of it. The way of the Cross was the way our Lord knew was marked out for him and through the Cross he knew he would redeem the world. Peter wanted it another way - without the Cross and it was Satan talking. Dear Peter learnt the lesson of the Cross by himself being crucified upside down near what is now Vatican Hill in the great Imperial City of Rome around 64 AD as an old man - the first Pope went to his death.

Many choose the easier way and who can blame them or judge them but it is not the way of Jesus Christ who is The Way, Truth and Life.

I was watching "The Tudors" and what a bunch of gangsters they were as they began their assault of the Holy Church and the utter corruption of the Court was terrible to see as the innocent were struck down with lies which got them beheaded. Thomas More and John Fisher followed by many others paid the price of standing up the Politically Correct version of that time and they now stand out as saintly men and women to be praised whereas the others are cursed even by history.

Holidays are over for many. I can see by the Collection being back to normal!! (ALMOST) So, make up if you have been away. 20% rise in gas costs are going to mean an extra cost for Church hearting this winter and I will not let our Church get cold.

Schools begin soon. The teachers have a training day and Mass in both Primary Schools. Loreto High did so well in the Exams than ever before and it is a star rising thanks to The Head and his Team. Roman Catholic 6th Form Colleges of Xaverian and Loreto all did very well in their results. Catholic students should attend the Catholic 6th Form Colleges - they are for you most of all.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding 22nd Sunday A

Priest: The Lord will reward each one according to their relationship with him, the Way, the Truth and the Life. We beseech his help in our pilgrimage of life.

Reader : We pray for our society and for the families and children involved in the terrible evils inflicted upon the vulnerable in Rotherham. May we repent and renew. May the public Authorities do their duty to protect the young. Lord in your mercy.

For all brethren in the Iraq and Syria who are so persecuted and indeed being killed for their faith in Christ- may out support be experienced by them at this time. Lord in your mercy.

For all, who, like Peter, who find it difficult to take on board suffering - that our Lord’s words will encourage them to face their suffering for their Cross with his help. Lord in your mercy.

For our own sick and suffering: we commend them to the healing hand of Jesus and we pray that we will be the ones who visit the sick: Peter Ramsbottom, Manus Rodde, Eileen Seville, Harold Collins, Peggy and Patrick Banaghan, Kevin Tanswell, Holly Walls, Thomas Dunne, Linda Potts, Maura McBrien, Tom and Brenda Lynch, Brendan Byrne, Denis McLoughlin. Lord in your mercy.

Blessed are they who die in the Lord, let them rest from their labour for their good deeds go with them. We commend to God's loving mercy: Mary Pook, Mike Leonard, Patrick and Martin O'Neill, Andy Connors, Laurence Foley, Mrs Fratassi, Bernadette O'Sullivan.

AND Those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Martin Fadian (VIGIL), Patrick Boyle, Michael McDonagh, Julia Doona, Hannah Doona, Eddie and Mary Corley, George and Maureen Stewart, Evelyn and Ivy Reynolds.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed...

Mary you are the mother of the living - O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us... Hail Mary...

Priest: Listen Lord to the heartfelt prayer of your people gathered around the sacred altar to offer this perfect sacrifice of praise. Through Christ our Lord.