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Sermon for 8 February 2015



My Dear People,

One can feel the energy and the urgency of our Lord as he begins his Divine Mission. He leaves the synagogue and goes straight to Andrew and Simon Peter's house. You see our Lord did not leave the family out when he chose the apostles. St John Bosco's mother almost co-founded the Salesian Order with her son even though she was simply on paper his housekeeper. So Jesus shows great concern for Simon Peter's mother in law who was ill with the fever. He goes in and takes her by the hand and helped her up and she is made well again- no fever- and she waited on them and made the dinner. What a day.

Then in the evening the crowds are outside with all their sick waiting for him to heal them. Those of you who have been to Lourdes know what the crowds are like bringing their sick. Our Lord is in total control you will notice. Each of the miracles were signs of his Divine power.

Early and before dawn Jesus got out of bed and left for a lonely (where he could be alone) place to pray. Our Lord teaches us by example and in this gesture our Lord taught us all to pray in the best part of the day - the early part and to pray away from the hub - to find our own "silence" where we can be alone with him and learn to speak to the Father in his Name and to see others through the eyes of the Saviour. Indeed in these ways we learn again and again to see the events of life through the heart and eyes of Jesus.

Our Lord knew the crowds were looking for him but he had to move on to minister to the others thousands waiting to hear. Our world is waiting to hear the message of salvation and hope. The West has lost its moral compass and its way. There is a vacuum and the hearts of many men and women are broken with the anguish of it all. The world will listen to saints like Mother Blessed Teresa of Calcutta because she is a witness first hand to love of Christ. It was she who said that the greatest poverty is not to know Christ.

Pope Benedict’s first Letter - On the Love of God was described by "The Times" as a "breath of oxygen" on a world in need. It is all about LOVE and it is so inspiring to read. It is simple and direct and from the heart and mind and soul of a Pope who is deeply in union with the Good Shepherd whom he represented at that time.

The work of the Saviour continues through the Ministry of the Church. That is not only the Apostolic Ministry of the Bishops and Priests and Consecrated life persons, but the millions of Believers who each day face the challenge of the living the Catholic and Apostolic faith - not losing hope and being animated by the love of our Blessed Lord in all things and events. These are the ones who pass on the Faith to the Children - who support the teenagers in their development as youth leaders or teachers or indeed, parents. .. made up of those whose daily prayers makes them friends of God.

Let us urgently move forward then - pressing on in our pilgrimage of life and of faith. God bless you all.

Father Tom Connolly.

CARITAS. If you are giving and pay tax you may fill in the form and place your offering in the envelope and the CARITAS GETS THE TAX BACK TOO! It is for all the Corporal Works of Mercy the Diocese of Salford carries out year in, year out from Down and Outs to Orphans and Single Mums and abandoned Youths. Please give - it will be well spent, and you are always so kind.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE SICK is held next Wednesday - the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. I remember Blessed John Paul II coming for his last visit to Lourdes saying the other sick pilgrims "I come among you as one of you!" It was very moving. If you are suffering from a malady you will have for the rest of your life you qualify to be anointed so do come to the 9.30 Mass that day to receive the Sacrament of the Sick AT St Kentigerns AND St Edwards.

ENGAGED COUPLES. 28 COUPLES of our deanery parishes ATTENDED THE MARRIAGE COURSE LAST WEEK IN St Kentigern's SOCIAL CLUB. Pray for them in their future.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for 5th Sunday of Year B.

Priest: O Lord and heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to your throne of mercy with total confidence that you hear our every prayer.

Reader: We have been baptised into Christ's death, may we be cleansed of greed and envy and clothed in the strength and gentleness of your love. Help us to Imitate Jesus in finding the space to earnestly give time to daily Prayer. Lord in your mercy.

We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit, confirm us in your service and help us to bear witness to you in the society in which we live and move and have our being. Lord in your mercy.

For all who struggle with injustice of all kinds that they not be discouraged by their pains but be renewed in the hope that Christ – the Just Judge will vindicate them in the world to come. Lord in your mercy.

For all the Engaged couples on our deanery Course, at this time; that they will secure life long unions to their own joyful fulfilment and bring children into the world to care for them and bring them to Baptism. Lord in your mercy.

For those who work in the medical profession that the Lord's own healing touch be with them in their work and we pray for our dear sick and those who care for them: Mary Moran, Pat Snype, Julie Brady, Agnes Halligan, Mark Colbert, Margaret La Mattina, Ryan Pybus, Baby Jessica Lomax, Aiden Kennedy, Elizabeth Layden, Mary Farrelly-Stiles. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to the Divine Mercy the souls of all who have dead recently: Linda Pearson, Eileen Veronica Quantrill, Teresa Hannon, Father Cribben AND Remember all those who put their hope in you whilst they lived - Through the Passion and Death of your Son, grant them the remission of all their sins. For all those whose anniversaries we keep: Velia Nieri, Beryl Kennedy, (VIGIL), Beryl Hopkins, Marian Johnson, Johnny Morris Senior (11am), Thomas Ignatius O'Rourke, (Sunday 6.30pm), William McLaughlin, Michael Dunne, Ann Kinsella.

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

O Mary, Conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Mary our Mother stood by the cross as her son was dying - may she stand beside us now as we pray//Hail Mary...

Priest. : Almighty God, listen to the heartfelt pray of your people who come to you in all their needs. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.