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Sermon for 8 March 2015



My Dear People,

Today our Blessed Lord is showing his perfectly righteous anger (not sinful anger) at the abuse of the Holy Temple. The myriad of money changers and animal Marts had turned the Father's house - His Father's House - into a den of thieves. This means that our Lord knew that many of these merchants were dishonest in their dealing with the people. To cheat or short-change anyone anywhere is a bad and sinful thing but to do this in the name of God and in His Holy Place is even worse isn't it? Somehow wrongdoing in the name of religion is always worse because religion is pure and holy.

Our Lord makes a whip and goes through the whole place overturning the moneychanger's tables and scattering the coins. It was pretty radical really don't you think? The authorities asked by what authority he did these things and then our Lord did not hesitate to describe the Temple as belonging to His Father and then said that he could rebuild it in three days.

This we know is a reference to the death of Christ and his lying in the tomb for Three days and nights. His very Body is the new Temple - the centre of the Divine Presence in the world. His critics did not get that meaning. His zeal would lead to his arrest and death in order supposedly to save the people from the wrath of the Romans but we know it was to save the whole of humanity from their sins.

His Body is that Holy Temple now. It is no longer in stone. It is in his Living Risen Body that we find the Living and True God and we are conjoined to His Body in Baptism and have become living cells in the make-up of His Mystical Body, The Mother Church. We are that Body - that Temple and he is our Head – the chief cornerstone.

In Holy Communion Christ comes to dwell within us and our little bodies are made temples. He comes the first time for us in Baptism. When baptising I always think of the transformation of the child/adult into being a living cell in Christ's Body and a Dwelling Place of the Paraclete.

We too must be zealous for the Father's House – the Church Catholic, Roman and Universal. We belong to Christ's Holy Body and we must live accordingly. We must do what pleases our Lord if we want to merit the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what we make an extra effort for during the Holy Season of Lent. We must not make the Body of the Christ the Church a den of any kind of vice through our deliberate sinning.

I hope the rest of Lent goes well for you.

God bless you all,

Fr Tom Connolly.

PRO LIFE NEWS. You will have read in the News about the Ethical Medics who propose that a new born baby should not have the right to life until it has been checked out and found to be completely 100% fit for purpose. It is a kind of quality control. The fact that they feel free to write such stuff in a respected Medical Ethics Journal attached to one of the great Universities in the UK shows how far the culture of death the Saint John Paul II described was emerging in the West. Imagine "Infanticide" being made legal? I suppose , as they say, if you can abort up to birth for whatever reason why should the baby who has travelled through the birth canal all of a sudden have the right to have their life protected by law? Where will this all lead to my dear people?

The SPUC Pro life Lenten silent witness in front of our local Marie Stopes abortion clinic has, they reckon saved four babes in the womb to remain intact. This would be mums have changed their minds when they saw the silent Witness and Prayer.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for the Third Sunday of Lent B.

Priest: God the Father has chosen for himself a people who are born again, not from any mortal seed but from his Everlasting Word. Let us praise his name and this day we call Holy and turn to him in prayer. May we burn with zeal for the Father's house – his Holy Church.

Reader: Christ, our life, we were buried with you in Baptism to rise from the dead, lead us this Lent along the new path of life. Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

You went everywhere doing good for everyone, help us to care for the common good of all, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the sick. Lord in your mercy.

Help us in this Lent to work with others building the human city, but never let us lose sight of the heavenly city – the new heavens and the news earth created by your Son. Lord in your mercy.

Strengthen your Church as it witnesses to the Sacred bond of Marriage between men and women – help us to safeguard, for the good of our society, this sacred bond which you as Creator have designed for the foundation of society. Lord, in your mercy.

Strengthen those struggling with pain and illness and weaknesses of mature years, we pray for : Libby Moor, Ann Brady, Emma Grimes, Billy Farren, Sylvia Commings, Brendan Byrne, Mark Colbert, Sheila O'Donnell, Aiden Kennedy, Mary Moran, Chris Lydon, Elizabeth Leyden, Libby Moor, Denis McLoughlin, Kathleen O'Malley, Margaret Prendergast. Lord in your mercy.

May the dying go forward in hope to meet Christ, their judge and redeemer, may they see your face and be happy forever: Hugh Doherty, Ellen Talbot, Michael Scott, John Hannon, Semina Saji, Agnes Hearte, Anthony Doyle AND all those whose anniversaries fall now: Daniel McCormack, (11.30 Sat), Eamon Cahill, J.L. Grimes, Mrs M. Flatley, Wiliam Serridge, Margaret Serridge, George Nagle, Father Alex Wyse, Edward and Bridie O'Malley, Harold Williams, Michael Griffin, Edwards Williams, Stephen Sharples William and Letitia Jackson, Mary Ryan (11am), Mattie Daly (15th March). May their souls and the souls of all the faithful..

Grant us the protection of your Mother, the comforter of the Afflicted - O Mary conceived with out sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Lord God You have prepared fitting remedies for our weaknesses, grant that we might reach out gladly to claim your assistance in this holy season of Self Denial.. Through Christ our Lord.