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Sermon for 8 November 2015



My Dear People,

Today is Remembrance Sunday and we have the main Mass today as a Requiem for all the War Dead. Many of you will have relatives who have died in the Wars of the last Century and some even those of this present series of conflicts. One thing is for sure – as long as man is on earth, conflicts will be present and the Armed Forces take the brunt of the hard decisions those who govern us have over such matters. Today we commend the War Dead of our Nation to the Lord's loving and tender mercy. One thing for sure is that those who died in the last world war died defending our nation and our neighbours from the terrible tyranny of National Socialism (Nazi's) and then Marxist-Leninism (Communism.) These were really evil systems and had to be defeated. If we did not defeat them we would have become enslaved.

Our Blessed Lord's comments about the people putting their money in the collection at the Temple tell us a lot. The wealthy gave but out of their surplus – the widow gave all she had – the widow’s mite. Now, we must take it that this lesson is not about whether you give enough in the collection (but you might reflect upon that too), but more to do with the inward attitude which reflects a kind and generous heart. I suppose it is a danger that if you have a lot you are more conscious of conserving it. It is certain that those with little give more that they can afford in proportion. Our Lord knows your heart and he knows your secret acts of generosity and he knows if we are mean too!!! Nothing is hidden. The widow came out well didn't she and she did not know our Lord was watching her when she put her last coin in. Mother Teresa used to say that you will never know what the providence of God is like unless you make yourself experience it. How true that is.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

NOVEMBER DEAD LISTS. There is still time to return your dead Lists envelopes and the name s will be placed in the Book in front of the Altar and Masses are offered for all those whose names are written down.

FORTY HOURS. BEGINS THIS THURSDAY UNTIL SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT 4PM. SOLEMN ENDING OF THE 40 HOURS IS WITH BENEDICTION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. Can I thank you all for responding to the Watching and Praying Rota. Still a few Gaps – fill it all in before the end of the last Mass please. A little foretaste of Heaven. Each candle you purchase will have a name or names written on it by you and burned in honour of our Lord’s really and truly Present. What a nice thing to know.


STATUE of our Lady and the Child Jesus facing Wilbraham Rd was put up for the Holy Year by Father Murphy. It needs cleaning and our Lord's two fingers have broken off so I am getting it repaired in the new year. It will cost £1500 but it will commemorate the Year of Mercy beginning on 8th December.

DIAMOND WEDDING - Patrick and Betty Mahoney celebrated 60 years of Marriage on 5th November. They were married at The Holy Name. Well done and God Bless.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for 32nd Sunday abc

Priest: We adore and praise our God who reigns above all the heavens. He is the Lord of all things and before him all creation is as nothing. On this remembrance Sunday we pray for our nation.

Reader: Lord be with us as we start this new week on this Day which you have called your own, move our hearts to seek you and our wills to serve you all our days. Lord in your mercy.

Protect our Armed Forces wherever they are and may they stand for integrity and justice in their fight against those who see us as their enemy. Lord in your mercy.

Deepen our awareness of presence in this world; where there is conflict and war, hunger and injustice – help us to work for the good of all and especially our brothers and sisters scattered throughout the nations and for the suffering Catholic church in Iraq and Syria, Lord in your mercy.

Help us to always be prepared for when the Heavenly Bridegroom calls us that we will be not be left un-provided with the grace we need to enter the feast of heaven. Lord in your mercy.

For all those who govern our financial resources – for our sound stewardship of the resources God Has given us, for the gift of the right use of Money and to know how to use it in a way which is pleasing to God. Lord in your mercy.

Lord your servants are sick and long for healing and wholeness – we intercede for all our dear ones who are ill or frail and for their carers: for all the invalids and wounded of the present conflicts: We commend to God - Ronnie Molloy, Elizabeth Leyden, Patrick Mahoney, Denis McLoughlin, Tom and Brenda Lynch, Michael Nolan, Christine Booth, Pat Snype. Lord in your mercy.

For all those souls who have died recently: Father Denis Sheehan, Maureen Keaveaney, Rita Kelly, Tom Curtin, Patrick Tierney and for all the holy souls and all whose anniversaries fall about now and those in the November Lists: Adrian Fisher (9am) Marta and Mario Mini-archie, Bridget Lambe, Ann Casey and Afram Zaer.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in Peace.

Mary is the Mother of all the Living and the Helper of the Holy Souls: we honour her: O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Priest: God our Father we offer you these prayers on this holy day of the Resurrection. In your mercy forgive our faults and perfect within us the gifts you have given in such abundance. Through Christ our Lord, Amen