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Sermon for 10 May 2015

SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER + 10TH MAY 2015 + Month of the BVM.


My Dear People,

Our Lord promises a great thing today. He tell us that if we love him and keep the commandments then he will come to us and live or abide in us – he will make his home in us. That is an extraordinary promise isn't it? Why should the one who created me and all the universe make such a fuss of little me? Well – the answer is that Love is like that. It makes the object of that love feel like a million dollars.

In the theological language of the Church this happening – this fulfilled promise of Christ is called "the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit". It is the heart of the Christian understanding of the union of Almighty God and the Divine Nature with the human soul or person.

It comes about through the beginning of Baptismal Grace and is further bonded in confirmation and the continuous reception of the sacraments and especially the Holy Sacrament of the Altar – the holy Eucharist. "I am the Bread of Life."

It is the dignity of the human person that is raised up in all this. We actually share in the Divine Life. Our Lord tells us today that he has CHOSEN US - not the other way round. He says YOU ARE MY FRIENDS – NOT MY SERVANTS – I HAVE REVEALED EVERYTHING TO YOU. This is what friends do eh? They reveal themselves to each other. This could not come about unless the Holy Spirit came to dwell within us. We would not have the capacity for this kind of sharing in God’s glory and THE Divine love of the Saviour's intimate friendship without the grace.

For this reason the Church itself can know and love God and know and teach the Divine Teaching as well. For the Church too as the Body of Christ has as her "soul" the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in order to be mother and teacher of the nations.

When Blessed Pope Paul VI signed the documents of the Second Vatican Council at that Council's conclusion, he wrote the words : "We and the Holy Spirit teach... Signed : Paul – Bishop of the Universal Church." That would be very presumptuous would it not if it was not true that the promise that Jesus Christ made to His Church would be fulfilled.?

He had taught the apostles that the Gift of the Holy Spirit on his Church would in his words: "Teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said." Now - there it is - the basis for the Catholic Church's confidence in proclaiming the truth on Faith and Morals to a world not always willing or happy to hear it. In the end - the Church has Christ's promise that He will be with her until the end of time and that hell or evil powers will never overcome it. Thanks be to God as we prepare for the departure of our Lord's bodily presence as it was for forty days after the Resurrection.

Next Sunday is Ascension Day not Thursday as it used to be.

God bless you,

Father Tom Connolly

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE St Edward's children who were Confirmed on Saturday and to the St Kentigern's children who will be Confirmed next Saturday at 10am -(not in a Mass).


Bidding Prayers

Bidding 6th of Easter.

Christ has risen from the dead, the first fruits of all who have fallen asleep.. let us seek is kingdom in our needs.

Reader: Lord , remember the church you built on the Apostles: bless all those who believe in you. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for those who newly govern us that they do so in integrity and truth and justice. May they uphold the Christian heritage of our culture. Lord in your mercy.

You are the healer of bodies and souls – come to us with your salvation and protect us and our children from harm. Lord in your mercy.

Help the anguished and oppressed, those escaping misery and suffering to seek a new life. Lord in your mercy.

Comfort the sick and renew their strength: deliver them from pain and distress and we pray especially for Sam Murray, Mary Moran, Luke Fallon, (SAT 11.30 Mass), Fr Michael Hoare. Elizabeth Layden, Patrick Grimes, Licy Mile-a-door, Christine Booth, Michael Nolan, Ann Brady, Mark Colbert. Lord in your mercy Through the Cross and Resurrection you have won immortal life for us, grant to ur lately dead the joys of your kingdom: Father Dugdale, Pam Winter-Smyth, Kathleen Neolon, Eileen Lyons, Marjorie Law, Bill Daranjo, Nick Elliot, John Francis Ward AND All those who anniversaries fall about this time: Michael Devanney, (20th May 9.30), Michael and Agnes Gilhooley, Thomas and Bredan Forkan, Paschal Fagan (9am) and diseased brothers of the Catenian Association, may their souls and the souls of all...

O Mary- you are the Queen of the May- pray for us your dear children- O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us... Hail Mary...

Priest : Lord God, stand by us in your saving work and stay with us on our journey with your gifts of grace. Through Christ our Lord.