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Sermon for 11 January 2015


My Dear People,

Today our Lord entered the waters which God had created at the beginning - the waters of life without which we would not be here. This creature element called H2O in the basis of all life on earth as you will discover with Attenborough in Africa on the TV Series - moving indeed, on how the animals search for the life giving liquid.

Our Lord's Sacred Body – God Made Man enters those waters of the Jordan and in so doing sanctifies especially the waters of Baptism. The power of Baptism water comes from the fact that the Church consecrates it for the purpose and with the pouring of water and the Form of Words "I baptise you..." a person is born again of water and the Holy Spirit AND ENTERS A NEW DIMENSION OF LIFE in God. It is the beginning of the journey which will find its final destination in Heaven with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit – our Lady and all the Saints of God – the Angels too. Our Lord's last command and mandate to the Apostles was "Go baptise all the nations and teach them everything I have told you".

Now - we have to see this great mystery today of Jesus' humble Baptism at the hands of John as one of the three disclosures of Jesus' Divine Presence in this world of Sin. First he is revealed to the Shepherds by the Angel in the night sky.

Jesus is then disclosed to the Wise Man in the Epiphany event-The Star which rose in the East and then hovered over the house where the child was with his Mother, Mary.

Finally today he is disclosed to the whole world by the Eternal Father’s Voice when the heavens are split open. The voice says "You are my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you." Then the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus, immersed in the River Jordan, praying and shows his presence in the form of a dove descending. What a disclosure that was eh? You will notice in St Kentigerns' the image of the Dove hovering over the Altar of Sacrifice. The Dove is also suspended over St Edward’s Altar too since last year. I bought it in Fatima.

This is the final feast of the Christmas period of the Liturgy. Next week the Crib will be taken down and Christmas will be over. Next week will be the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary time cycle. Our Lord's Baptism was one of humility and solidarity with the human race he had joined. The creator Lord accepts a baptism of repentance at the hands of the creature he made. The innocent one becomes like a sinner to express solidarity with us poor sinners. The result is the heavens are already torn open and the Holy Spirit is released hovering upon Christ’s sacred body like he does now on his Holy Church which is Christ’s Mystical Body – therefore upon us.

God Bless you all in this new year of our Lord,

Father Tom Connolly

TODAY THE SECOND COLLECTION IS FOR THE Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child. The struggle to defend the unborn goes on. It requires great application because the enemy of the babe in the womb is very rich and powerful. It wants now to spread its snare now to Ireland so they can get their wicked hands on more young babes there. Nearly every Trade Union in the land subscribes to the Abortion Law Reform Society to promote Abortion. Schools are expected to tell the kids where they can acquire one without telling your mum or dad. The UN spends huge sums on "reproductive Health".

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