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Sermon for 12 April 2015



My Dear People,

All this last week in the daily Sacrifice of the Mass we have been listening to the various Resurrection appearances of our Blessed Lord. You know every year I notice something different.

This year I have sensed a kind of playfulness of our Blessed Lord with the holy women and the apostles. On Tuesday we heard the encounter with Mary of Magdala for example is wonderful. She comes before the sun has really risen in order to wash his slain corpse and she find the tomb empty and, looking in, sees two men dressed in brilliant white garments sitting one where our Lord head was and the other where his feet lay. They tell her that he is not there with the rather daft question: "Who are you looking for?" They knew who she was looking for but they want to draw Mary's faith and love out more for her greater joy and surprise. She is still weeping for her Master's body had been stolen when our Lord appears and asks her the same question "Who are you looking for?" Imagine - ? As if our Lord did not know! Then he calls her name in the way that your mother perhaps called your name or your dad – as only they can and which perhaps was unique to them- "MARY" !! Could you not weep at that tender encounter - and kind of Peep-A-Boo of a child and a parent ? Next think Mary is clinging to him, hugging him – she was a very touchy feely person you know. Our Lord tells her not to cling to him because he had not yet ascended to the Father – then she will be able to cling to him in a much closer way and especially in the Blessed Sacrament of the Master's Risen Body present to us for all the ages until he comes again in glory.

Now then – such is our encounter and he is like that with us you know. Peek- a- Boo our Lord plays with us at times but only to burst our hearts with joy and utter surprise and delight - believe me I am telling you for I have experienced it many times.

On Wednesday the Gospel was on the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were depressed and leaving Jerusalem behind in the wake of the death of the one they had hoped would be the Messiah. Our Lord comes to join them in this walk and asks the (as if he doesn’t know) what events are they talking about. They stop in their footsteps and most seriously upbraid the stranger about the terrible things that had happened and how he could not heard of them. Our Lord listens to their out pouring-out and then begins to put the picture together again for them on how the suffering and death was all part of the plan of God. Even then they did not recognise them. Then they asked Him to stop for the night with them at the Inn.

Only at Supper, when he broke the bread with the blessing, were their eyes opened and they recognised who they had been speaking to them and listening to them along the way. However he was out of sight - just like that. "Did not our hearts burn within us as he talked to us along the way?" My dear people our hearts too burn within us as we walk our journey of life with our Risen Lord don't you think.

You see in the Gospel for today – the game he plays with Thomas - come on then give me your finger – give me your hand – Thomas. Thomas is mortified about his lack of faith but our Lord isn't. He knows why he chose Thomas. Thomas, without touching says the greatest act of Faith – "MY LORD AND MY GOD". We should say that when we look upon the Sacred Host, and Chalice raised by the priest at the Consecration at Holy Mass. Our Lord then praises us - "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe." That is us! Thomas you know carried the Faith to India.

Well – the Easter Message is that utter truth that the Lord is Risen- never to die again and we too will live with him for ever: “Whose sins you forgive- they are forgiven”.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

MARRIAGE: Congrats to Steven Anderson and Jessica Turnbull who married in the Lord here at St Kentigern's on Saturday.

My Dear People, after the Maundy Thursday Mass and the Stripping of the Altar at St Kentigern's I got taken ill in the sacristy there and had to go to the MRI Casualty by Ambulance. They put it down to not eating for 9 hours (and me a diabetic) and the fact that I had a very congested chest with an infection. I was let out at 2.45am and told to take lots of rest. Easier said than done with Good Friday and Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday eh? However, I am resting as much as I can so be patient with your P.P. and commend to our Lord and Our Lady. Fr Connolly.

Bidding Prayers

BIDDING PRAYERS LOW SUNDAY 2015. Divine Mercy Sunday.

PRIEST. The Doors were closed in the upper room but you entered and filled the apostles with joy at the sight of your bodily presence and they experienced your Divine Mercy. Listen oh Lord to our confidant prayers which we make for our needs and the needs of the whole world.

Reader: We pray to God for all, like Thomas, who find faith difficult without touch or proof. Lift the veil from people’s eyes so that they may be filled with a lively Easter faith. We commend to God those seeking Instruction and the new Christians from Easter night. Lord in your mercy.

For the gift of Christ's most precious wounds on this Divine Mercy Sunday - that all will find consolation and peace in them. We pray that the human person may be respected in embryonic form and the source of true Fatherhood for children be acknowledged. Lord in your mercy.

For all priest in their ministry of imparting the forgiveness of Christ through the sacrament of penance - that they be true and wise pastors and councillors of souls in the ways of true virtue. Lord in your mercy.

For all the victims of war in so many parts of our poor world and especially for the victims who are little children. We pray that the suicide bombers cease their evil ways in destroying the innocent. We pray for our Armed Forces and for their safe return. Lord, in your mercy.

For all our sick who have sought our prayers that they may find healing in the wounds of Jesus : Chris Lydon, Denis McLoughlin, Aiden Kennedy, Raymond Cawley, Christine Booth, Beanne Grady, Algis Kup-stye, Marian Farrelly, Mary Fitzpatrick, Ann Brady, Lysee Mile-a-door. Lord in your mercy.

For all those who have died that they may gaze upon the Risen One who has vanquished death forever: Angela Salah, Pat Flavin, Margaret Rose Peets-McLoughlin AND For all whose anniversaries fall about now: John Ward. May their souls and the souls..


Mary Most Holy, Mary Mother of the Risen Lord - pray for us your children. O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Priest: Watch over your little flock O Lord of Divine Mercy and guard us from the Ancient Enemy in this Holy Time of Easter and hear and answer our prayers. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.