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Sermon for 20 September 2015



My Dear People,

How fortunate we are that the Gospel of the Mass today has our Lord's teaching about becoming child like in our relationship to Him who is our Blessed Lord and Master and who came to serve us and not to be served. Was not Saint Theresa called "of the Child Jesus"? What a prophetic sign that was when she was given that name.

We must do as St Teresa of Lisieux did – become "a little child" and so enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a practise to take on - to learn to depend on our Lord and refer everything to him like a child to a beloved parent.

The more you observe the children the more you realise why our Lord told us to be more child-like in our approach to God in all things. There is an openness in a child and a spontaneity and trust which is so admirable. They do not fear the loving and approachable Eternal Father or his Divine Son Jesus Christ. Their talk and remarks discloses an innocent heart, untouched by sin and uncontaminated by the cynicism of the world they live in. It is surely these qualities which are praised by Christ and used for our instruction "Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God."

Our Lord is not telling us to become childish but child-like. St Teresa is now a Doctor of the Church yet she never even went to university. She entered the Carmel at an age far too young and lived only into her mid twenties before she died of TB. However she is the most popular saint in the Church and Patron of the Missions - she who never ventured further than her enclosed Carmelite Convent in France. She knew she would be canonised and wrote in her journal that she would spend her heaven doing good on earth. (And she has). She was child-like in her approach to God. Her humility was such that she was able to know she would be a saint without getting big headed. Only after her death did her Journal of a Soul get published and she took the world by storm with her "Little Way". Nothing was too small or insignificant to offer to God in this Little Way. Her notion was that if you waited for the Big Things the small things would pass you by.

So when the Apostles were arguing on the way about who was to be the most important one our Lord gave them a visual lesson and that precious child was enwrapped in our Blessed Lord’s arms and held forth as an example to the Twelve. They did eventually learn the lesson for all bar one became saints.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly.

YEAR OF MERCY. There is a Catholic Truth Society Book Stand for our churches so we can offer well written and up to date booklets for you to purchase to increase your appreciation and grasp of the Catholic faith. I want you all to purchase per house the Youth Cat- a simplified book version of the New Catechism of the Catholic Church produced for the International Youth Days with the Pope. It makes wonderful reference for everything you need to know. I will leave samples at the porch and you can order them from me by filling in the forms at the back of church. I will get a supply of them for all who ask.

In the beginning of the Year of Mercy, I will hold a session for the parishes to watch a CD on the Devotion of The Divine Mercy emanating from Crakow with St Faustinaia and the lessons to be drawn for this Holy Year of Mercy declared by the Pope.


When Pope Francis was studying in Germany he encountered an image of Our Lady, Untier of Knots in the Church of St Peter in Augsburg. When he returned home to Argentina he began to promote this devotion. Mary, untier of knots is invoked above all for family problems,: marital strife, incomprehension, infidelity, separations and divisions between spouses and families and siblings, work problems, illnesses, kids difficulties etc.

Pope Francis: "We all have knots or deficiencies in our hearts and we all go through difficulties. God, our Good Father who distributes graces to all his children, wants us to trust her, to entrust to her the knots of our sins, the tangles of our miseries that prevent us from uniting ourselves with God, to allow her to untie them and bring us to her Son Jesus.


Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for 25th Sunday of Year B

Priest: You invite us Lord to be like little children in our approach to you Kingdom. May we bring this attitude now to these prayers we make in confident hope and trust.

Reader: For the ability to "let go and let God" act in our daily lives with the ups and downs of life. May we trust in God in good times and in bad. May God bless us all, His children, Lord in your mercy. HEAR OUR PRAYER.

For all children growing up and being formed by the adults in their lives and especially for all our parish families who have young children - that our children may be happy and develop well spiritually and morally and physically. Lord in your mercy. HEAR OUR PRAYER.

For all our fostering and adoption families – that they be successful in making a happy home. For all the migrants who wander. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for those who hold the Apostolic Office in the Church and especially for Pope Francis . Protect our Pope from those who want to harm him . Lord in your mercy. HEAR OUR PRAYER.

For all our Armed Forces – that they come home to us safe and sound. Lord in your mercy.

For all our dear sick that God in his healing mercy may restore them and give them strength: Peter Ramsbottom, Elizabeth Layden, Ronnie and Mary Molloy, Pat Snype, Annetter McHale, Pat and Peggy Banaghan, James Hendrix, Ann Brady, Mary Molloy.

Lord in your mercy. HEAR OUR PRAYER.

For those who have died recently that they may see the glory of God in Heaven: Jim Gallagher, Sylvia Cummins, Josie Serridge, Sean Fahey AND For all those whose anniversaries falls about this time: Jack Whitley (VIGIL MASS), Owen Tomaney (9.00 am Mass), Brian Williams, Anne Williams and Julia DecCona. May their souls and the souls of all ....

O Mary – Conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Mary, full of divine Grace, God looked upon you and chose you to be his mother – we greet you- Hail Mary.

Priest: Listen O Lord to the prayers of your faithful people and in your tender mercy hear and answer them. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.