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Sermon for 25 October 2015



My Dear People,

We are getting near to change and decay period when nature reminds us of he mortality of all created things including ourselves ! What better time to celebrate the Light of Christ as we gather around the Lord Present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar where our altar is transformed with our candles alight and radiating light in honour of Jesus present in the Sacrament.

Now – two weeks after this one we have the FORTY HOURS DEVOTION. The Blessed Sacrament will be solemnly exposed for our Loving Adoration from THURSDAY 12th November at 8.30am – 9.00 pm each day until we end with Benediction and Vespers at 4pm on Sunday 14th. There is a space for your name on the rota sheets stuck on the window in the porch near the candles for sale. There are still spaces and I think it is your name that is missing so see to it that you watch and pray for at least 30 minutes during this solemn time of prayer and adoration in our parish.

The candle s are £1. 50 and the very large ones £12. With your written label upon them they will be all burnt in honour of the Blessed Sacrament Exposed. Forty Hours always brings great blessings on the parish.

ALL SAINTS (ALL HALLOWS) IS ON SUNDAY next. 1ST NOVEMBER. (Reader's please note) and All Souls on Monday 2nd. The names of the dead of your family which you have handed in, in the brown envelopes will be prayed for in a novena of Masses by Fr George and me.

I am sure you have heard it all before from me but I am going to remind you about the Solemnity of All the Saints. Where they are, we hope to be. The way to heaven is to do our Blessed Lord's will, and to love him and following his Church's teaching faithfully. The saints we celebrate on All Saints are all those who are not canonized officially. They comprise all those millions of souls who have walked this earth and are now with God in Heaven. They will be people we have known and members of our families. I bet everyone reading this can think of quite a few "saints" they have known in this life. I know many because I am privileged as their priest to know just how close some folk have been to God. What a blessed and holy life so many folk live and if I said that to them they would cry out their protestation that they are poor sinners. I know they are but they are holy poor sinners!

The BLIND BEGGER in the Gospel was like that. Our Lord said: "Your faith has saved you" and then he could see again. Think of that man's inner life for him to call Jesus by his most wonderful and true title "Son of David"....one of God’s Little People. They exist everywhere in every parish and community.

The Blind man is depicted getting cured over the Royal Eye Hospital in Oxford Road. "Lord that I may see" is one of the prayers used whilst pilgrims await their turn at the Baths in Lourdes. It is not so much against the blindness of the eye but the blindness of the heart to Faith. The Blind Man in the Gospel had his faith strengthened as well as his sight. Touching the eyes used to be a sacramental in the anointing of the dying to say sorry for the times we have sinned with those eyes! It tells us to make sure we use what sight we have for the good and not for sin. Thank God for your sight.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

PRAYING FOR THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED is wholly pleasing to God and our prayers and Masses offered for them will surely speed the Holy Souls from the state of being purified in Purgatory to the fullness of heavenly joy. Their prayers can help us too. Envelopes are available at the back of Church. In these you can place the lists of the dead you want prayed for and Masses offered for and they will be done. Many Masses are offered by the priests of the Parish for the Holy Souls on our November Dead Lists in the parish. The lists will be kept before the altar during the Month of the Holy Souls.

MONDAY 2nd November is the COMMEMORATION OF THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED. MASS IS AT THE USUAL TIME OF 9.30AM. Priests offer three Masses that day.

Year of the Mercy begins on 8th December.

Father Gabor from Budapest is visiting me as he does at this time of the year. He is a parish priest and teaches Canon Law and St Thomas Aquinas to seminarians in Budapest. Saturday 24th is near the anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising against the Communist persecution in 1956 23rd OCTOBER and Fr Gabor said Mass at St Augustine's for the Hungarian Community of Manchester and area.


Bidding Prayers

Priest: Let us make our prayers to the God of our Salvation because all our hope rests in Him.

Reader: Father, you established a covenant with men: we trust in you, for you are faithful to your word. Lord in your mercy.

Send workers into the harvest to bring the world the knowledge and love of you. Send us holy priests and Bishops . Lord in your mercy.

May the unity of your church be formed by love and understanding, gather us together through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Lord in your mercy.

Help us to create a community where justice and peace may flourish: be with us lest we labour in vain.

Help all those blind or partially sighted to bear with their affliction in union with our lord who was blinded by the crown of thorns. Be with all who work with the Blind or partially sighted. Lord in your mercy.

Be mindful of our sick as they share your passion and give them the strength to suffer with your passion in sight: Patrick Mahoney, Pat Banaghan, Jim Mahon, Helen Walsh, Christine Booth, Pat Snype, Denis McLaughlin, Ronnie Molloy .Lord in your mercy.

Be mindful of the dead and especially those we have known and have mercy upon them. We remember those who have been called by God this week to Eternal Life: Rita Kelly, Mary Molloy, Sandra Porter-Ward, Colin Hardacre. Francis Farrelly, Sean Sheerin, Philomena Kelly AND All those souls whose anniversaries occur about this time: William McLoughlin, Phyliss Walsh (Sunday 6.30 Mass), Elsie Connolly, Tom Greally (11am), Bridget Boyle (24th Oct 11.30), Bridget Lambe, Marie Sullivan (Vigil), M. Williamson, James Leonard. May their souls...

Mary reflects Christ's light in the midst of His Church .. O Mary Conceived without sin... HAIL MARY...

Priest: Listen Lord to our heartfelt prayer that we may see with the eyes of faith. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.