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Sermon for 27 September 2015




My Dear People,

Next Saturday, 3RD OCTOBER we have at 10.30am the opportunity to walk with our new Bishop, John Arnold, in the MARIAN Procession of Our Blessed Lady of Reconciliation from St Edwards (Thurloe Street/Xaverian College grounds) via St Kentigerns into Platt Fields. I hope all of you who can be free at that time will come to join in this witness to our Christian Faith in streets dominated by the outward signs of religions far from the Catholic way of life and Faith. It will witness to our faith in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word, made man through Our Lady. Do come – don't let me down will you? So much energy and planning has gone into this. If you cannot walk all that way meet us in Platt Fields.


I am looking for men to hold our Banner- Please volunteer. It is not too heavy.

The Child in our Midst

Our Lord's admonition today is as severe as he could make. "If anyone is an obstacle to bring down one of these little ones who have faith, it would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a great mill stone around his neck!!" Now you cannot get much tougher than that and this is from the lips of the Incarnate Word – the Sinless one – The Divine Mercy, the one who is the light of the world and its Saviour. So it is a severe warning.

The abuse scandal of a very minute number of priests is the devil's secret weapon you know. The demons must be cackling all the way to the Pit for such a terrible evil to be done on God's young ones. One is too many eh?

What does our Lord mean by that? Why does he put such great emphasis on this one thing? Well it is fundamental is it not? To put off a child from the way of faith is to damage or even sometimes destroy that which God has made. How many adults today neglect their duties to their little ones and, following their own desires neglect their little ones and prefer their own interests? Many, I am afraid. With people not marrying and bearing children they often find that a few years down the line the father has done a runner and the poor kids find that daddy is no longer present to them in the way he was before. Even some mums have left too in my experience. God designed marriage for our good and by and large it takes two parents to bring up kids. (There are exceptions of course).

Now the powers that be have made it legal for a child to have two females on the birth certificate as "Mothers" – !. The French President is pushing through a new law which forbids the words "Father" or "Mother" on the birth certificate – it is simply "parent2. What damage is done to the "little ones2 as they grow up with two men or two women as "parents" – it defies belief but that is what the government has made a legally binding item of law and in so doing closed down Catholic adoption and Fostering services which our diocese through The Rescue Society has been doing since 1850. For the Church to be forbidden to look after its orphans to me is religious persecution. The rights of minorities are respected whilst our are seen as criminal.

A Catholic University Chaplain was telling me that the University Catholic Society cannot appear on its own platform at the Uni because to be affiliated to the Student Union you have to subscribe to the Abortion Reform Society and every other immoral cause they support so it is hard luck for the RCs. We are nicely excluded from public life – reminds me a bit of totalitarianism. This is the cost of witness these days to the truth. The Catholics stand alone- believe me – as a Body. In fact in a few years time the statements I have just made will make me liable for prosecution under the Equalities and Diversity Act. I dread the future for the "Britishness" test in our schools. It looks as though we will be forced to uphold as totally equal same sex marriage to the sacrament of matrimony and to hold another teaching would be seen as unlawful. All this to kids as young as six. It is coming I can tell you. It is not only the Muslims who object.

All this affects our children you know with the general state of the nation. Saint John Paul called it the culture of Death. We choose to end 182,000 young lives, gestating in mummy’s womb each a year in England and Wales in Terminations.

Sin is a great evil and institutionalised sin is even worse because it teaches the people that if it is legal it is okay, when it is not. God's law is paramount and if people keep defying it there will be big trouble for that community and I think we already experience this "big trouble". The neo pagan EEC leaders will know it when the thousands of Islamic peoples settle and begin to make religious demands!!

Now – that should cheer you all up!!

Father Tom Connolly

FIRST COMMUNION CANDIDATES. The Special Mass to inscribe St KENTIGERN'S children and to sign them up for the Sacramental Programme will be on Sunday 11th Oct at the 11am Mass. They will be given a candle lit from the Easter (Paschal) Candle to remind them of their Baptismal Promises.


Bidding Prayers

Bidding for 26th Sun B.

Priest: Let us make our prayer to the God of our salvation because all our hope rests in him.

Reader: Protect the Little Ones of our earth – protect them and watch over them and save them from those who seek to harm them and use them or corrupt them. Lord in your mercy.

For all who will participate in the Marian Procession next Saturday – that they will truly witness to their faith and find a response in those watching this faith - event honouring the most Holy Mother of God. Bless all those who have worked to prepare for this procession with success and fine weather. Lord in your mercy.

May the unity of the Church be formed by love and understanding- gather us together through the gifts of your Holy Spirit. Bless Pope Francis on his visit to America. Lord in your mercy.

Help men to create a community where justice and peace may flourish- be with us less we labour in vain. Lord in your mercy.

For thanksgiving for the harvest - for the fruits of the earth and the sea which the Creator Lord bestows on us in such super abundance. Lord in your mercy.

For all the sick who seek the help of our prayers of intercession in their pain and discomfort and struggle- especially the dying: Peter Ramsbottom, Patrick Mahoney, Ann Dorian, Sister Rosaleen Mooney, Julie Brady, Christine Booth, Mary Molloy, Patrick Snype, Mrs Mary Molloy, Mrs Keegan, Elisabeth Leyden, Jim Short- strengthen them and raise them up. Lord in your mercy.

Be mindful of the dead, especially those who have died recently- have mercy on them: Sylvia Cummings, Kirstie Rafferty, Mary Keary AND For all those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Ann Dolan (VIGIL MASS), Bill Everitt (9am Mass), Jim Hannah (11am), Bernard Groarke (11.30 Saturday 26th Sept), Margaret Ryan. MAY THEIR SOULS AND THE SOULS OF ALL THE FAITHFUL … O MARY, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN, PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE. Hail Mary...

Priest: Lord, in answer to our prayer, give us patience in suffering hardships after the example of your Only-Begotten Son, who lives for ever and ever. Amen.