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Sermon for 31 May 2015

TRINITY SUNDAY + 31st May 2015.

My Dear People,

Today is Trinity Sunday. The Mystery of God is disclosed as Triune. We think of St Patrick and the three leaves of the one plant – the shamrock. All this is not us being clever - it is our Lord revealing the secrets of the Godhead to us by becoming Man.

In many ways the FAMILY reflects the nature of God. A couple become a Trinity don't they once they give birth to child - they are three in One. One marriage, One Love, and three persons. There is a natural and supernatural connection. We Christians call God our Father and refer to Jesus our Saviour as "the Eternal Son" and the Holy Spirit as the bond of Love. Everything in nature reflects the Triune God who has been revealed to us by the Only Begotten One, the Son of Mary and the Eternal Son of the Father.

These are terms which are drawn from family life - parental titles, births, conceptions, relationships. It is not an accident that Jesus refers us to "Our Father" is it? Mind, Body, Soul makes up the Human Person. The atom - the very building block of all material things is made up of a threesome. Nothing is constituted alone in isolation. Nothing is alone in its make-up. The whole of creation is "in relationship" and these relationships make up the Oneness of an entity. Now you science students among us might see this as bad science but you see my degree is social science not the hard one- but you will forgive me.

The Mystery of the God who made us all and the whole universe must be complex and yet totally simple pure form and spirit. He is not subject to what He has created. We celebrate today the great doctrine, fundamental to all Christians. It is the defining doctrine and it is The Truth and the only Truth and it is revealed to us as a great honour. "What is man that you keep him in mind - mortal man that you care for him?" God has made us a little less than Himself the scripture says in the Psalm. He has raised us up by this sacred disclosure of his Divine Nature and participation of the Divine Nature which we receive fully in Christ in our Baptism.

Happy Feast,

Father Tom Connolly

The diocese has a Liturgy website so look up www.salfordliturgy.org.uk. It gives notes for readers and commentary on scripture and the Liturgical seasons of the year.

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