Pain - A poem

Sunday 06 May 2012 at 09:41 am

When a raindrop becomes a rainstorm
When a whisper becomes a scream
And four walls is your private prison
Deep inside, you can't hide
Feelings deep down inside

Pathways to pain
Can become journeys to gain
There are no easy solutions
Let's end all this confusion
See that although pain stings
Wounds always heal through God's love

In this body we may ache
Twisted, confused  - like a reed we break
Yet by HIS stripes healing was to flow
Time cannot erase
Our Jesus, the ancient of days
Rising from the valley to the mountain top

When those you love are in pain
Remind them of a higher love once again
That love was shown in human form
That form knew pain too
It cried out "It is finished"
Yet the end was really just the beginning

There is a phoenix from the ashes
There is light out of darkness
And that shines eternally
Stumbling, yet still standing
Pain can't separate you and me
From God's love.

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