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Bible studies - Death.

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Seven types of death are mentioned in the Bible:

Spiritual Death

Eph. 2:1, Rom. 5:12, Rom. 6:23, 1 Cor. 15:22

Physical Death.

The separation of the soul from the body.

Matt. 8:22, 2 Cor. 5:10, Rom. 8:38,39, Phil. 1:21

The Second Death.

The perpetuation of spiritual death into eternity; occurs at the beginning of eternity. This is the final judgment of the non-Christian.

Heb. 9:27, Rev. 20:12-15

Operational Death.

The failure of the believer to produce divine good. Producing wood, hay, and stubble instead of gold, silver, and precious stones.

James 2:26

Positional Death.

Part of retroactive Positional Truth.

Rom. 6, Col. 2:12,20; 3:3

Temporal Death.

This is the believer in a state of carnality, out of fellowship.

Rom. 8:6, 13, Eph. 5:14, 1 Tim. 5:6, James 1:15, Rev. 3:1, Luke 15:24,32

Sexual Death.

The inability to procreate.

Rom. 4:16-21, Heb. 11:11,12

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