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About the Book of Jeremiah.

books The Book:

Consists of twenty-three separate and independent sections, arranged in five books.

I. The introduction, chapter 1.

II. Reproofs of the sins of the Jews, consisting of seven sections:

  1. Jer. 2

  2. Jer. 3 - 6

  3. Jer. 7 - 10

  4. Jer. 11 - 13

  5. Jer. 14 - 17:18

  6. Jer_17:19-20

  7. Jer. 21 - 24

III. A general review of all nations, in two sections:

  1. Jer. 46 - 49

  2. Jer. 25; with an historical appendix of three sections:
    (a.) Jer. 26
    (b.) Jer. 27
    (c.) Jer. 28, 29

IV. Two sections picturing the hopes of better times:

  1. Jer. 30, 31

  2. Jer. 32, 33; to which is added an historical appendix in three sections:
    (a.) Jer_34:1-7
    (b.) Jer_34:8-22
    (c.) Jer. 35

V. The conclusion, in two sections:

  1. (1.) Jer. 36

  2. Jer_45:1-5

In Egypt, after an interval, Jeremiah is supposed to have added three sections, viz., Jer. 37 - 39; 40 - 43; and 44. The principal Messianic prophecies are found in Jer_23:1-8; Jer_31:31-40; and Jer_33:14-26.

Jeremiah's prophecies are noted for the frequent repetitions found in them of the same words and phrases and imagery. They cover the period of about 30 years. They are not recorded in the order of time. When and under what circumstances this book assumed its present form we know not. The LXX. Version of this book is, in its arrangement and in other particulars, singularly at variance with the original. The LXX. omits Jer_10:6-8; Jer_27:19-22; Jer_29:16-20; Jer_33:14-26; Jer_39:4-13; Jer_52:2, Jer_52:3, Jer_52:15, Jer_52:28-30, etc. About 2,700 words in all of the original are omitted. These omissions, etc., are capricious and arbitrary, and render the version unreliable.

Source: Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Original article from Easton's Bible Dictionary.

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