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In Green Pastures

In Green Pastures - Monday

books In Green Pastures by J.R. Miller - Monday

God's Plan for our lives

God does not merely make souls and send them into this world to take bodies and grow up amid crowds of other souls with bodies, to take their chances and make what they can of their destinies. He plans specifically for each life. He deals with us as individuals. He knows us by name, and loves us each one with a love as distinct and personal as if each was the only child he had on this earth.

It is a beautiful plan too, for he never designs marring and ruin for a life. He never made a human soul for the express purpose of being lost. God's design for each life is that it shall reach a holy character, do a good work in the world, fill a worthy place, however humble and fill it well, so as to honour God and bless the world.

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