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A selection of Poems on various topics, including life, love and everything else !

squares Poem List

Colour My Life
The influence of one life on another.
This (and 'So Close') were written for a friend's marriage.
Millennium Musings
Some thoughts on the Year 2000 and its true meaning.
Lord, I offer up my life
In praise of Jesus, Lord and saviour !
This is a reminder of God's ever present love.
Love's on every corner
Love that arises from friendship.
When Love Arrives
Falling in love unexpectedly.
Lord, I give you my life
One woman's rededication of her life to Jesus.
Real Love
The true meaning of love.
Falling Into You.....
One man experiences a deepening relationship.
God's Light....
Reflecting the image of God in our lives.
Me And You
What hope can give to us in this life.
When She Cries
For women and men to reflect on a broken relationship.
For those who love each other, yet are searching.
My perfect Love
One man's thanks for one woman.
So Close
Celebrating the closeness of a love between two people.

squares Happy

I never thought I could love someone
The way that I love you
But now I'm pushing at an open door
And the sun comes shining through

One word I've often spoken
And wondered if it's from above
But something good in me has awoken
And I understand that word is love

Only you can make me happy
Oh, so happy
To be in your arms
Because it makes me happy
To feel you close to me
Heaven's plan fulfilled with no demands

Soon that day will come around
When I place that ring upon your hand
And I will hear heaven's angels sound
With you I proudly stand

For God has brought us together
And to him someday we will return
But true love can last for ever
And it's for your love I yearn

Only you can make me happy
Oh, so happy
To be by your side
Only you can make me happy
For your love
Makes me run to you and never hide

I asked so many questions
Yet I now understand where I must go
You stand apart from the rest now
Giving me love so deep as the rivers flow

There may be many bad times
But stronger together we can be
God's clock for us both chimes
And it rings forever you and me

Only you make me happy
Oh, so happy
To feel your tender touch
Yes, it's you that makes me happy
For your love
Can never be too much

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squares Love's on every corner

Looking back on bitter-sweet moments
And the teardrops within your heart
They fell so silently upon the ground
Unseen and unheard, their ending was really the start

The changing horizons, the rising and setting sun
Like a flickering candle that the wind of life might end
You've seen the many seasons and days
Sometimes in pain, you ask when ?

But love's on every corner
And you don't have to wonder why
So walk on and meet those who love you
Who seek never to pass you by

Each momentary glance at what's gone before
Each trembling step into the future
But life is for those who move forward
The past alone is never the cure

The inner strength that you have been given
Many a story still left untold
Take that step and move on to higher ground
There to find your calling, and shelter from the cold

For love's on every corner
Touching your heart and piercing your will
Someone else is there to lend a hand
Your cup of resolve to fill

Love comes In loving others
We can truly love ourselves and be free
And go beyond the pain of human divide
And shine the bright light of unity

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squares Sometimes....

Sometimes I just wonder
Why you choose to love me
Through lonely nights
And heartaches and fights
You choose to stay and never flee

When the sunlight sets on a dark day
And I fear I'll never see your face again
Through countless barricades
And my mind's journey through the maze
Lord, you bring the sun where there was rain

When my heart is full of anticipation
And my deepest yearnings lie unfulfilled
Through countless decisions planned
And all the things that life demands
You choose to take my wounds and make them healed

When sometimes I feel I do not need you
And I think I can make it on my own
Through foolish desires and vacuous needs
And my desire to show who really leads
You choose to let me in and make me at home

When I finally come to realize
And acknowledge all you have done for me
Through my desires to come to your mercy seat
And petitions made at your feet
I will choose to go with you, and be what you want me to be

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squares Searching....

I never knew I could feel this way
About just you and me
All the time you were shining your light
Yet I was too blind to see

Speaking together as one
Yet our voices bring an angry stillness
Because no one's going to let go
Of pride and emptiness

We're both searching
For a love that doesn't cry to be free
We've both been searching
For that part of you that speaks to me

I never thought I'd make it
And taste that sweetness in your kiss
The fragrance a woman brings to fill the air
That moment too good to miss

Standing together, holding you now
My place in your world and yours in mine
Each moment held captive
Each day with you seems like a lifetime

I'm really searching
For a woman like you
You're really searching
To avoid the many and seek the few

I never thought I'd see round the corner
With my back against the wall
Yet you came along
To let me take your hand and answer love's call

I'm here right with you
Can't you see the beginning from the end ?
Stop and look at me, face to face
My eyes have love's message to send

We're no longer searching
Even though there are answers to be found
But we've got someone else to help us
So search no more, we'll be heaven bound

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squares So Close

Oh my love, I dedicate my self to you
So sweet as honey dew
Is the love you bring to me
So tender and forever new

When my heart was aching
When I couldn't walk life's road alone
You brought me your tender touch
Eased my pain and brought me home

Love can be eternal
Love can be for sure
Love can make many sacrifices
And yet still remain so pure

Now I realize so clearly
How much I need you here with me
The words I want to speak
Will never be able to make you see

That I am so close to you
And I'll never be the same
So good together
Only you can wash away my pain

Come bring me your gentleness
Let me feel your sweet caress
Let us share together our deepest longings
And know that truly we are blessed

Come, let us walk this road together
Let us never be as strangers or alone
Even when I'm near and yet seem far away
I close my eyes and I know I'm at home

Until that day comes, when we have to part
Let me be your helper, comforter and friend
And much more than this may I freely give
My one love, faithful and true to the very end

There was another whose love was so complete
Pain and anguish was there for all to see
Yet this special love he so freely gave
Poured out for you and me

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squares Real Love

Here I am, sitting here all alone
Lost on life's merry go round
Never able to know
The way it'll turn
Never able to raise a free smile
Above a captive frown

On a clear day
I'm standing face to face with myself
The mirror won't hide
What I don't what to see
The daylight won't always
Drive away the darkness
Even though that's my plea

Because I need a real love
To come and lift me
To heights unknown
I need a real love
To come and give me wings
No other passage have I flown

I'm just passing through
The many stations on life's journey
No time to stop
And take in the sights on the road
No compass here to guide me
And no companion to share the load

What's going on within me
And here in my life
Why am I still searching
For life's central core ?
Why is it when I'm moving on
I've seen it all before ?

Because I need a real love
To come and show me
The way I must go
I need a real love
More than just a friend
Is someone who knows
When the journey will be slow

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squares Millennium Musings

Can you hear the clock ticking ?
Or each moment rushing by
People, their voices reflecting an uncertain agenda
You can't hear any clear message, and simply sigh

Take just one fleeting moment
And look at each face you see
What unfulfilled areas lie there within
Are all really travelling from A to B ?

The world is plunging headlong
Into these, the uncharted seas
What hopes and fears of the millions
Will become just unheard pleas ?

For a baby, born into a uncertain world
For the young and old, both so insecure
These and others all part of a common humanity
That knows much, but still seeks a cure

The clock is still ticking
And sometimes darkness is all about
But two thousand years ago, a candle was lit
And its warm glow will never go out

That candle was lit so quietly
No triumphal procession therein was found
Why is it that many still walk in its light ?
Exchanging a rocky pathway for higher ground

Yet we still feel the pain, but know we can't change the past
The future beckons us to pathways we have yet to tread
Our comfort zones and repeated moans
Mean we want others to first go ahead

Two thousand years, is it really that long
Since a new landscape came into view
It's just another year to so many
So the landscape seems just for the few

But the challenge will always face us
The race must always be run
The torch passed from generation to generation
A new life has just begun

From drugs to drink, from heaven to hell and back again
Some voices scream loudly to be heard
Two thousand years, and the candle lights their darkness
New wings to fly, just one candle and one bird

Thus comes the new millennium
More than just a mere number on its own
It is to us really a reminder
Of the candle that lights our way home

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squares When She Cries....

She looks out of her window
Sees the sunlight streaming in
A teardrop falls, and one turns to many
A open heart
Was torn apart
And the light of her heart grows so dim

She puts on her make-up
Each strand of her hair so unique
One strand was as the love she shared
That part, broken away
Didn't want to stay
Feels so empty and incomplete

When she cries
It takes my heart and makes me
Face up to all my lies
Can't hide the pain inside
She arrived, but the leaving was from me

She must face the world
Keep the mask on each moment
Once a tender kiss, now many turns to one
And now none at all
She's now in free fall
The pain will not relent

She works so hard
Tries to forget the open sore
A private moment she finds
In that time, no rainbow shows
Aching, burning, this heavy load
Can't take any more

When she cries
I know I'm to blame
Where did I go wrong ?
And we both can't sing the same song
And we'll never both be the same again

So alone, I've done it
And paid a heavy price
Should have shown her love
Not once or even twice

When she cries
I want her so much to hear
But the sound I can make
Repeats the same mistakes
So many, many tears

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squares Lord, I offer up my life

Lord, you know the way I should go
My guidebook and my shelter
Lord, when I stumble and I falter
You pick me up as I fall

Heaven on earth, you shared our pain
Your love reaches through and makes us whole again
Lord, I worship you, the lamb that was slain
And bring my sacrifice of praise again

Lord, I offer up my life to you
Here I am, an empty vessel
Come fill me again
Lord, you walk with me through the glade
Here I am, hear my call
My saviour, my Lord, my all in all

Lord, your hand has touched a life
Only you can make me so alive
Lord, following you has made the change
Each pattern of my life to rearrange

On the cross, that one man crucified
Gives life to many and sight to the blind
You seek to take my heart, through infinite love
And call me by name to your throne above

Lord, I offer up my life to you
Show what fullness of life can mean
Show me again
Lord, slowly I arise from my lethargy
Hear I am, hear my call
My saviour, my Lord, my all in all

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squares My perfect love

Doesn't it seem so good
That a flower can grow after the rain
Doesn't it feel different from the last time
Now one link rejoins the chain

I can't stop the world from turning
No more than I
Can stop my heart from yearning
I'm in motion, through space and time
Soaring high to heavens above
In you I've completeness, my perfect love

Don't think I'm held
Captive to an empty emotion
Don't think a small spark of love
Can't be lit by pure devotion

I can't stop calling your name
No more than I
Can plead innocent when I'm to blame
I feel the passion, sense the feeling
The love of a woman really is enough
In you I've found the meaning, my perfect love

No one else but you can shape my life
So many pages still untold
A wedding ring, the symbol of our love
Only you I want to hold


I can't stop the feeling, nor dry each tear
No more than I
Can make every dream a reality
Yet one perfect moment with you close to me
One touch speaks a thousand words from above
With you, one woman, and perfect love

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squares Colour my life

You colour my life
From shades of grey to pastels green
You colour my life
When I want to live it behind a screen

There's a stream that flows so quietly
And a mountain that stands so tall
They are the essence of nature
And you are my all in all

You colour my life
When the day is as black to me
You colour my life
And let me be all I can be

There can be only one pathway
And one destination I must go
They are pathways to a better life
And you walk with me along the road

Living in a world so uncertain
Only you can colour my life
So many colours, so many faces
And dreams dreamt through the night
But I cannot say no
When few colours are shown
Because love is the answer
Come, colour my life

Colour my life
When the view is colourless
Colour my life
You show me your tenderness

There's a feeling deep down
That defies pure reason
It's a feeling of being with you
Through each changing season

Living in a world where so many strive
Only you can colour my life
So much confusion, so much still to do
Yet we can rise above all this strife
But I gain most when tearing down a wall
And I'm open to a heart's call
Because love is the true meaning
Come, colour my life.

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squares Me and you

Look around you
And you may wonder why
Deep down inside
There's an empty feeling
So much loss of meaning
Something you can't hide

Children playing on the street outside
Making their own rainbows
Yet you see in their eyes
A future uncertain
And a world that won't help them
As they grow and rise

Here we are again
On a road that has no end
Pain, oh so deep invades a heart
Yet hope brings a brand new start
Deep down, just me and you

Look at each face you see
See the many shapes and colours
A tapestry of emotions
Deep down inside
There's a pattern of life
And secrets that they hide

Young men and women
Thresholds of new life awaiting
As you see in their eyes
A future carved out from the beginning
Sometimes so unseeming
Sometimes so alive

Here we are again
In a moment of time that speaks to us
Passions run deep, Oh so deep
Yet defining us by love
Makes us human, just me and you

Look at the landscape you see
What was once a bonding force
Now laid waste
Deep down inside
There's a community in despair
Caught in a pernicious snare

Men and women
In a job, in a role that doesn't quite fit
As you see their defining moments ebb away
A future only left dreaming
What was close now seems so far
Reaching out with nothing to say

Here we are again
Look out your window, don't close your eyes
Reach down to the lepers, oh so tenderly
So give them your hand
And hope makes us what we are, just me and you

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squares Lord, I give you my life

Lord, you know I'm trying
To share your love inside me
And let your sweet spirit flow

Lord, sometimes I am crying
When I think of my failings
But you promised never to let me go

But there are mountains to climb
And a race to be won
You word tells me I'm safe
In your heavenly place


Lord, I give you my life
Now I'm down on my knees
This is my plea
Let me start anew
This, my life in you
As I pour out my heart
And give you my life

Lord, sometimes I'm so alone
When I feel I can't go on
Your spirit fills me anew

Lord, I sense this is the right time
Set me free from the past
Your spirit draws me unto you

But I will not run away
When you call me by name
As I lie on my bed
I feel your arms around me


Lord, I give you my life
See the woman in me
And all that woman wants to be
Knowing that I am blessed
As I take my place with the rest
And see you face to face
Lord, I give you my life

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squares Falling into you

Why did you come into my life ?
It happened so unexpectedly
How can you say love me ?
I can't believe it - but you set me free

Oh, I don't what's going on inside
But I know It's more than a feeling
And if this is agape love
I want to love with every part of my being

Tell me, do dreams really come true
because when you write those tender words
It just melts my heart away
And this what I want to say........

I'm falling into you
Caught up in the web of your love
And that's where I want to be
I'm falling into you
Opening the door of my heart
And that's where I want to be

Why did God work his master plan ?
The future is his, not ours
One woman's love for one man
Sends a withered heart rain showers

Sometimes, we look back at the past
The sands of time slowly tick away
But let's make each moment last
Take my hand, and walk with me along the way

Write the next page of our story
I am ready to love you it will say
Two people together, no longer alone
Come see what God has done !

I'm falling into you
Live a leaf slowly falling to the ground
And that's where I want to be
I'm falling into you
It would be wrong to deny my feelings
Because God says that's where I must be


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squares God's light

When I rise each morning
And see the reflection on my window pane
I want to be like that window
Reflecting your love just the same

Always looking for the answer
Running much too hard
But you never stopped loving me
Even when I didn't play my part

God's light, come shine on me
And turn me around
Deep inside of me
Is a reason for living
Because you're giving
Me love built on solid ground

My pain, etched on my face
And I don't know who to blame
You came, a lost world to save
A lamplight to show the way

Always asking too many questions
Walking without direction or care
But you never stopped leading me
Even when I didn't feel you there

God's light, come shine on me
And pierce the false shield you'll find
So deep inside of me
Is a reason to say 'I Will'
Because your voice bids me to stand still
To find love like no other kind


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squares When love arrives

Have you ever sat alone ?
And waited for someone to call
Each moment lived in anticipation

Have you ever wondered why
What you want seems to pass you by
Another day lived is no consolation

When you least expect the road to turn
When it's for love your heart will yearn
And this, a lesson in love you learn


When love arrives
It's so unexpected
Mistakes now corrected
Lifting you up to the skies

When love arrives
Like a flower's petals you open
You know what you didn't know then
What it means, when love arrives

Have you ever cried alone ?
Sinking slowly as a stone
Like a maelstrom within your mind

Have you reached out your hand
No one there to help you stand
Giving no sight to the blind

But you're still in the game
Live by the rules, clear and plain
And come full circle again


When love arrives
Asking the questions
Uniting the sections
Of your being once apart

When love arrives
The feeling that this is the right time
The stillness of night time
Like a wave of love in your heart

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