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A complete dictionary of common terms used in Christianity.

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squares Madonna

Italian: 'My Lady'. A title sometimes used for Mary, espcially in art (e.g The Madonna and Child).

squares Manse

The normal residence of a minister.

squares Martyr

From the Greek: 'a witness'. This is someone who has sacrificed their life for a moral cause or religious belief. In Christianity, the first martyr was St. Stephen (Acts 7).

squares Mennonite and Amish Churches

See the entry under Protestant denominations.

squares Methodism

See the entry under Protestant denominations.

squares Missal

In Roman Catholicism, a service book giving the words and instructions used in the Mass.

squares Monotheism

The belief that there is only one God. Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

squares Monsignor

A title of honour given to some priests and Bishops in the Roman Catholic church.

squares Monstrance

Also sometimes known as the ostensorium. In Roman Catholicism, an ornament in which a consecrated Host is displayed for adoration. Please also see the entry under Eucharist.

squares Mortal Sin

The most serious of the two categories of sin in Roman Catholic belief (the other is Venial sin). For a sin to be mortal, it must be committed with full knowledge and consent, and must also concern a 'grave matter'. An unrepented mortal sin can lead to damnation. Usually forgiveness of this type of sin is obtained through the Sacrament of Penance.

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