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A complete dictionary of common terms used in Christianity.

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squares Sacerdotalism

The view that it is necessary to have an ordained priesthood (Greek: sacredos ) to administer the sacraments (q.v.).

squares Sacrament

An outward and visible sign of a grace given by God to man. In classical Protestantism, there are two sacraments viz. Holy Communion and Baptism. Roman Catholic theology adds five more: Confirmation, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick, Penance and Marriage. In the Orthodox church, these seven are accepted, with the term Mystery being used instead of sacrament.

See also the entries under Roman Catholic Sacraments and Orthodox mysteries.

squares Salvation Army

A organisation founded in 1865 by an independent former Methodist Minister (William Booth). The army carries out evangelistic and social work, especially among the poor, and is found in over 100 countries (See the Web site for more information.)

squares See

Latin: sedia, 'seat'. The territory under the jurisdiction of a Bishop.

squares Synoptic Gospels

Greek: 'seeing together'. The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. They are so called in reference to the similarities of style and content between them.

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